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Auto Saver

The Auto Saver Electronic Corrosion Protection System provides protection against environmental hazards such as road salt and pollution. It protects the vehicles entire sheet metal surface against rust.

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Hayden and Tru Cool Transmission Coolers

Over 14 million transmissions fail every year, 9 out of 10 from overheating (courtesy ATRA). Installing a Hayden and Tru Cool transmission oil coolers will help prevent transmission burnout

Key Benifits are:

  • Removes 20% more heat with exclusive high-efficiency turbulator design.
  • Protects transmission in case of electronic shift failure.
  • Doubles oil and transmission life.
  • Prevents costly repairs.

Smart Blend

A uniquely blended synthetic package specifically formulated for use on automatic transmissions.

Key Benifits are

  • Maximizes transmission performance
  • Inhibits overheating & oxidation
  • Eliminates lock up shudder
  • Ensures proper shifts
  • Extends fluid life
  • Keeps valves free