The Auto Saver Electronic Corrosion Protection System provides protection against environmental hazards such as road salt and pollution. It protects the vehicles entire sheet metal surface against rust.


Scientists¬†and engineers working to prolong the life of iron materials, especially in ocean going vessels, developed duplex corrosion protection. This technology prevented ionization (rusting), by using coatings, galvanization, and impressed current. The primary objective was to prevent the immediate electro chemical reaction between iron and moisture. The results were impressive, by coating and enriching the metal to be protected with free electrons, the rusting process was successfully retarded. Modern corrosion protection systems now have a wide variety of applications, from bridges to atomic power plants. The scientific community continues to find and improve applications of this technology. The Auto Saver system for automobiles is an application of this technology. Extreme weather and the tremendous amount of rock salt that is distributed on our streete ans highways make the application of The Auto Saver System a necessity on your new car or truck. It’s installation will provide years of new car appearance to your vehicle which will equate to added value to your vehicle at trade in time. The Auto Saver System’s 24 hour LED light display will provide constant assurance of this product’s high tech protection. The Auto Saver System is sold worldwide. It cannot be purchased through independent auto part shops, thus assuring correct installation by qualified auto mechanics.



Red wire positive, green wire negative, white wire connects to remote anode molex connectors Takes Less Power Than The Electric Clock In Your Vehicle!

Key Benefits:

  • 4 year warranty on used vehicles
  • The Most affordable and effective corrosion protection in the marketplace
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • State of the Art Electronic Design
  • 100% Surface Area Coverage
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty on New Vehicles
  • Lifetime Product Guarantee
  • Even Inhibits Further Corrosion on Used Vehicles
  • Testing Recognized by the National Institute of Technology Standards, USA
  • Sold Worldwide
  • Gives complete protection over factory warranty which is limited to manufacturers defects.